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Punky Semi-Permanent Colour Cream Plum 3.5 Oz.

Many people like this product Punky Semi-Permanent Colour Cream Plum 3.5 Oz. (by Jerome Russell) :

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Great product!. I agree with the other reviewer who said this color is more of a true purple than the others in the purple spectrum of this line. I have tried the Purple and Violet colors as well, and it is actually a toss up between the Plum and Violet for me as to which color I like best. The Violet kind of gives you a color changing low light the strands look more royal blue but out in the sun you get the purple effect.

I took the advice in that same review to buy the L'anza trauma treatment product and the combination seems to be working very well. I'm over a week out and the plum color still looks great (in the past, I've had to touch up on a weekly basis to keep it from looking faded).

I also agree about the color getting everywhere, even if you are careful. Plastic gloves are an absolute must! You will need to be prepared to clean your tub or whatever you use to rinse the color out in when you are finished. Now, I personally am still getting purple suds when I wash my hair, even after a week of shampooing every other day, but not bad enough to stain anything at this least I don't think so. However, I tend to wear darker clothes so maybe that's the reason I haven't noticed any staining. I would certainly be careful long term with any lighter shirts, towels, pillow cases, hats, etc.

Now all that being said, I once again will have to agree with the other is definitely worth the work, extra effort and care. I love the color and am complimented all the time on my funky, punky purple strands. I will be keeping them regardless of the up-keep needed!

AMAZING! Wont use anything else. I absolutly love this stuff. The plum made my hair a beautiful shade of purple that i was constatnly complimented on. The dye also smells delicious, like grapes or something.

Only negative thing i have to say about it is that it stained my bathtub..pillows..and boyfriends arm. But it took forever to fade in my hair. I wont use anything else ever again

BEST COLOR EVER!. I've been dying my hair different colors for 6 years or so and this is by far my favorite color. Punky Colours stays in the longest out of any other brand of semi permanent hair dye I've used. It stays in for about a month but even then, it fades to a nice light purple. As long as you bleach your hair to almost white you shouldn't see any blue.

And yes, like the other person said, purple turns a pink/purple, and violet turns a blue/purple, plum is just purple.
So if you're going for purple this is the best choice.

Wonderful. If you are into Hair Colors this Plum (Blue Purple) is for you. The Cream is really rich and thick. The staining effect of this Semi Permanent Cream is wonderful. I have washed my hair over 4 times now and the color is still brilliant. Other brands of purple would have already faded and turn bright reddish purple. With this brand and color of Plum it keeps the purple in the bluish range.
It is a vibrant and brilliant color, I am really impressed and worth buying.

Great Color, watch out for bleeding though.... This is the best Hair Color in the "non-natural color" line that I have found. It is long lasting, even more so if combined with L'anza brand Trauma Treatment leave-in conditioner. The color is vibrant and "Plum" is more of a true purple, whereas "Purple" is more on the pink end, with "Violet" more on the blue end.

Be warned, it will stain EVERYTHING! For the first week after application, be careful what you wear as it will stain the back of the neck of any shirt you wear and put a towel over your pillowcase or it will stain too. The good thing is, if it's white, bleach will take it right out. Also, use Easyoff Kaboom bathroom cleaner on your sink and shower, and you will never know that it was once purple/blue/red/green... To me it's worth it to have such an incredible color, I receive compliments everyday from complete strangers!

Punky Semi-Permanent Colour Cream Plum 3.5 Oz.Features :
  • The original, semi-permanent, intense hair colouring cream.
  • Vegetable based conditioning cream.
  • Leaves hair vivid and smooth.
Detailed Product Description

The original, semi-permanent, intense hair colouring cream. Vegetable based conditioning cream, leaves hair vivid and smooth. Available in 26 colors.

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