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Medium Brown Henna - 4 oz. - Powder

Trying this and you will get the result Medium Brown Henna - 4 oz. - Powder (by Rainbow Research) :

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Would use Henna again.. My mother has a bit of gray and it's a tad dull. I usually use a 10 volume developer with permanent Hair Color on her since it fades nicely and doesn't strip the hair. I tried using Henna and it did add softness and shine. I did use the oil and egg white formula. My mom wanted it darker after the Henna was processed and washed out etc. I then applied a Permanent color black with brown/10 volume developer mixture. The Permanent color/10 volume developer seemed to stick to the hair(roots) better with more gray coverage and SHINE using the Henna. The Henna gave a nice red undertone. My mom would like to try using it again but in a darker color if we can find one. It smelled very natural like grass or Asparagus to be honest.

Henna used for Mehndi tattoos. I bought this henna because I have recently become interested in henna tattoos [Mehndi]. While the powder didn't look really fresh [it was a dullish green instead of bright and vibrant], I tried mixing up a batch of the paste. It did stain my skin, but faded rather quickly. I'm not too sure if this was because of the powder or because of the "brew" [there are many different recipes to make henna paste], but overall it did work. Hence the 4 stars. Shipping was quick, price was great!

PPD free Hair Coloring. After skin tests showed an allergy to PPD, I had to find another way to color my hair. This gives me the natural chestnut brown color I wanted, and it's in better condition than when I used commercial Hair Coloring products. I have to leave it on a bit longer, but that's offset by having to color much less often. Satisfied with the product and the vendor's quick shipping.

Nice for beginners. I applied this to my daughter's hair. Her natural color is dark blonde to light brown. The Persian Light Brown gave her golden to strawberry blond highlights. It looked very nice, shiney and so soft. This is a nice product for those that don't want to chemically treat their hair.

On the down side is application and mess. It is really messy and thick. You have to work to get it evenly throughout your hair. Tip: have a friend help you. It takes several minutes to get all of the organic matter out of your hair. I suggest using a nice conditioner to help move the product out of your hair.

First time user-- very happy. I had never used henna before trying this product. The powder smelled a little funny, but made a paste that was very easy to work with when mixed with hot water according to the directions. This container has enough henna for two applications on medium-length hair. My hair is naturally reddish-brown, and this color added a very natural orange-red tint that darkened after the second application. It also made my hair less frizzy and shinier. I would buy this again.

Medium Brown Henna - 4 oz. - PowderFeatures :
  • DOUBLE VALUE PACK! You are buying TWO of Henna (Persian) - Med Brown (Chestnut), 4 oz
  • Secrets of beauty have been cherished throughout the ages. One of the oldest beautifers known is Hen
  • Quantity: ( Double Pack) Description: HENNA,PERSIAN MED BROWN Unit Size: 4 OZ Brand: RAINBOW RESEARC
Detailed Product Description

Secrets of beauty have been cherished throughout the ages.

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