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John Frieda Radiant Red Luminous Color Glaze for Deeper, Richer Shades of Red Hair

This is must have John Frieda Radiant Red Luminous Color Glaze for Deeper, Richer Shades of Red Hair (by John Frieda) :

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Horrible. This product didn't do a single thing it claimed. My hair isn't any softer or shinier and it defintely isn't even the tiniest bit redder. This stuff somehow made my normally dry hair GREASY (and yes, I followed the instructions and rinsed well) and the smell is horrible. I want my money back.

Great idea, but terrible product. This product left my hair sticky and flat. I tried skipping regular conditioner and using less glaze, but the result was always the same. The product has a slimy consistency and doesn't smell good either.

Great product!. I have naturally red hair that has as I get older is losing its red and going more of a washed out copper. I have been to salons for the color glaze and those do work much better than the home glaze BUT price wise....this is the best! It's easy to do and yes your hair has a subtle change in color after 1 use. The more often you use it the deeper the color gets. It does leave a greasy film on it so I'm going to try both the shampoo-glaze-than condition method and shampoo-condition-glaze-shampoo again method and see if this helps. Even with the greasy film its a great product. think it smells good but each to their own!

LOVE this stuf. I really am SO happy I found this product. I mix it with the John Frieda blond to give my hair the exact color it was, before those rotten little white hairs started appearing. I didn't want to dye my hair with permanent dyes and deal with root growth showing. Now, I use it once a week and it my hair looks great. For those who talk about the feeling after you use it (slightly greasy) I simply wash my hair one more time with a gentle shampoo after using the color. It takes care of that and doesn't wash out the color.

Enhances shine and red colors beautifully. I have dark brown hair and use a semi permanent deep auburn to color my hair at home because I can't afford to do it in the salon and am too scared to permanently change my color at home. Even with just a semi permanent dark reddish brown color, my red was intensified after a week of using this product! I have used the brunette glaze in the past and here is the secret to keeping your hair from getting greasy...don't follow the instructions!! Instead of shampooing, conditioning, then glazing, it works much better if you shampoo, then glaze, THEN condition. It helps keep your hair soft without developing that "film" commonly associated with these type of products. Trust me! Don't knock these color glazes until you try shampooing, applying glaze, and then conditioning after rinsing the glaze. Also, use the glaze EVERY DAY, even on days when you don't shampoo. It keeps the color bright, your hair soft and shiny, and it works for me!

John Frieda Radiant Red Luminous Color Glaze for Deeper, Richer Shades of Red HairFeatures :
  • Recharge faded red hair with a dose of deep red color, supple texture and blazing shine
  • Deeper, richer red
  • For natural, color-treated or highlighted red hair
  • Easy to use gel creme formula adds a hint of glossy color and boosts shine right in the shower
  • Delivers the results of a salon glazing treatment, right in your shower!
Detailed Product Description

Recharges faded red hair with a dose of deep red color, supple texture and blazing shine. Gentle, non-damaging formula infuses red hair with a hint of natural-looking color while imparting blazing shine and supple, luxurious texture.

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