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I.D. Care Amino Pure Treatment 240g

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I.D. Care Amino Pure Treatment 240g
Detailed Product Description

D CARE SERIES ID Care Amino Pure Shampoo & Treatment Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins vital to healthy hair. ID Care Amino Pure restores lost amino acids into damaged hair without compromising vibrancy of color or chemically straightened or waved hair. Healing hair with ID Care Amino Pure Delicate hair sustains damage through even the simplest stresses of daily shampooing and tying back of hair. Amino Pure shampoo has only the mildest ingredients designed to gently cleanse, restore and protect hair. Nourish hair with Amino Acids without compromises Five types of amino acids essential to healthy hair penetrate deep beneath the cuticle to restore damaged protein compounds for stronger, shinier, healthier hair. Amino shampoo and treatment contain Amino Pure Polymers with an ideal molecular weight for rapid absorption and protection from further loss of Amino Acid. Ideal for delicate, chemically processed hair Chemically processed hair is extremely weak and susceptible to breakage. Amino Pure shampoo and treatment supply amino acids that are the building blocks of hair's protein molecules. Restoring these amino acids restores the essence of protein vital to healthy hair

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