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Grecian 5 Minute Hair Color Real Black

I am happy to have this Grecian 5 Minute Hair Color Real Black (by Combe Incorporated, Dist.) :

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Grecian 5 Minute Hair Color Real Black
Detailed Product Description

SKU NUMBER: 528638.The Mininimum EXP date on product:1year.DESCRIPTION: Grecian 5 Minute Hair Color Real Black.MANUFACTURER: Combe Incorporated, Dist.INDICATIONS: One application - Lasts up to 6 weeks. Targets only the gray for a subtle, natural look. Gray Target Technology: Grecian 5 targets only the gray hair - replaces it with subtle tones, like your own natural color. Shampoos away gray in 5 easy minutes. Just mix, apply, lather in. Wait 5 minutes. And rinse. Thick, rich formula won't drip. There's no mess. Made with natural ingredients. There's no harsh ammonia! This gentle formula with aloe and wheat germ is good to your hair. It penetrates deep down to protect hair while you color. Lasts up to 6 weeks. Won't wash out - won't fade out - no matter how often you shampoo. It lasts until the gray grows back. If you're not sure which shade matches your natural color, try a lighter shade rather than a darker one.INGREDIENTS: Water , Linoleic Acid , Propylene Glycol , Ethoxydiglycol , Cocamide MEA , Ethanolamine , Laureth-4 , Lauryl Alcohol , Oleyl Alcohol , Cetyl Alcohol , Fragrance , Sodium Sulfite , Erythorbic Acid , Trisodium EDTA , Wheat Germ Oil Triticum Vulgare , Panthenol , Tocopheryl Acetate , Aloe Vera Extract , Chamomile Extract , P-Phenylenediamine , M-Aminophenol , P-Aminophenol , 4-Chlororesorcinol , Resorcinol , M-Phenylenediamine , Water , Hydrogen Peroxide.DIRECTIONS: Full instructions enclosed.

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