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Dream Dazzlers So Chic Salon Stylin Beauty Hair Salon

People must agree about this Dream Dazzlers So Chic Salon Stylin Beauty Hair Salon (by Dream Dazzlers) :

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This is my 4 year old daughter's favorite gift this year!. my daughter received alot of gifts this year but this was her very favorite. she has been doing her hair, her sister's , her dolls, all day. the fake scissors it come with are so cute and the lighn. Lights on the salon are so chic. the princess vanitys are very cheesey next to this. this is realistic and fun. a man offered me a hundred dollars more than what i paid for it a few days ago, i said no, when my daughter opened it today i was so happy!

So Chic Salon & Chair is my daughter's favorite toy this year!. My sister, who owns a hair salon, bought this for my 5 year old for Christmas, along with the chair & storage cart. Although, on the small scale, my daughter absolutely loves it. It seems sturdy. It is definitely adorable & fun! My daughter had a blast doing everyone's hair today. Don't expect anyone over 75 lbs. to sit in this chair. In fact, 60 lbs. or under is much better. 75lbs. - That would be pushing it. However, if the clients are all smaller than the beautician that would work, too! With that said, your little one will certainly enjoy playing "hair salon" with her friends & dolls!! The accessories (sold separately) really compliment this item & with a good imagination, will add hours of fun and entertainment for your little one!

Soooo small..... This toy seemed so much fun and the ads made it look so amazing... Don't get me wrong this toy is super cute! but they recommend this toy for age ten and up and it is barely big enough to fit a small three year old. the seat has a diameter of about 6 inches if that. my 5 year old towers over it!!
check it out in stores before you buy... it is fun for them but it is too small to last.
Also don't waste your money here it sells at toys r us for 50 dollars and you can use the ten dollar off coupon to make it 40 dollars or wait for the saturday sale :)

Dream Dazzlers So Chic Salon Stylin Beauty Hair SalonFeatures :
  • Real lights that shine
  • Water really flows
  • Includes salon, water sprayer, tool holder, paddle brush, comb scissors, 6 hair clips and 4 hair rollers
Detailed Product Description

Dream Dazzlers So Chic! Salon. Now you're the stylist with your own stylin' salon! The lights really shine and the water really flows. Includes salon, water sprayer, tool holder, paddle brush, comb, scissors, 6 hair clips, and 4 hair rollers.

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