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Color Oops regular strength hair color remover, #RS100 - 1 Ea

Yes, this is what I am looking for Color Oops regular strength Hair Color remover, #RS100 - 1 Ea (by DEVELOPLUS.) :

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Don't like it. lets see i've been waiting over a week now to get this producd in and i got it in today well i tried it out as sooon as i open the box...well i did it and it did not work form me at all..trying something else.. i had redish hair when the sun shown my natual Hair Color is light brown but the only thing this did for me is dry out my!

Highlighted blonde to burgandy.... and back to blonde!! It worked!. Hi all, I will make this brief. I have light strawberry/blonde hair, with repeated blonde highlights. My hair was pretty much fried. Anyway, I got bored with keeping up with the hightlights, so thought I would do a natural instincts lightest brown/ red... WRONG decision! It was dark red/purple/brown... hideous! God bless my husband, he thought I was looked dark like when we were dating. BUT, 15 years later, it doesnt look so good anymore!!! Anyway, I have done this before, and usually go to the salon to have it fixed (you would think I would learn, but no!)... but the last time I went it cost me $200 to fix, and I dont have that to pay. sooooo... went online, and read literally over a hundred reviews....and with fear and trembling bought color oops. I thought I would be the 1% that has her hair fall out... yet I was desperate (or a sick thrill seeker) I still washed my hair with dish soap, soaked it in hot olive oil, used dandruff shampoo, the whole bit, but the color wouldnt budge. sooo... I mixed the color oops, did a strand test (acutally 2, one from the back of my head, and one from the front, just in case). Figured out my time, and then, shaking, I slathered her on my whole head. The stuff is runny, and yup, very stinky, but not much worse than a salon. Those who say it is unbearable have never sat in a salon for 4 hours getting their hair done... Anyway, I combed it through with a wide comb, for probably half of the time it was in, then when time was up, I washed, washed washed. Then conditioned the heck out of it. Rinsing is very important aparently. Well, I let it air dry ( I was afraid of heat damage) and ....tada! The burgandy was gone, and I was left with a nice, even color, and my HIGHTLIGHTS were still there! I have never been so relieved to see blonde! It isnt exactly the same color, but close enought, with no purple to be found, and I really like it. Oh, also, even though my hair was parched, it looks pretty good, and did not fall out, and looks no worse for the wear. I can not tell you how happy I am about this, and i would not hesitate to use it again. It is a bit runny and stinky, but soooo worth it! Good luck, and dont forget to rinse the heck out of it, thats how the color gets off your hair after it shrinks. Blessings!

Absolutely Worked for Me. I am thankful for the really good reviews written here. I have dry, wavy, color-treated, straigtened hair that I recently colored again. Of course it came out black. I looked aweful and I didn't know what to do. Luckily I found this site and these awesome reviews. I puchased the product, did a strand test, determined that 5-7 minutes was all I needed for gorgeous brown hair with a few red and golden highlights. My hair is in better condition than ever and I feel happy and confident again. I highly recommend this product (even with the sewer smell) and appreciate the comprehensive reviews by others on this site.

Not a miracle. So I have been dying my hair black for about 3 years now. I decided, after reading many reviews to try color oops. It seemed like the safest way to go back to a lighter shade. I bought it and took it home and tried it. Firstly it is extremely watery and application was not easy. I had more of it on my skin and my bathroom floor than on my head. Secondly, the smell is pretty terrible, tolerable but terrible. I'd like to mention that the smell will linger in your hair and in the room you do it in for awhile. I left it in, with a shower cap over it for 25 minutes then washed it 5 times. When I got out of the shower, I blow dried my hair and it was this awesome shade of red. I was really impressed. However, the color was uneven, much lighter on the top than the bottom so I bought a box of herbal essences red dye (practically the same as the color most of my hair was after the color oops) and dyed my hair, hoping the color would even out. The instructions on Color Oops say that you can dye immediately afterwards but you shouldnt leave the dye on for more than 5 mins. I did this..washed and conditioned my hair...and when I got out of the shower...the roots were still red but the rest of my hair is back to black. I have no idea how this is possible considering the black was gone when I was done the first time...and the dye I chose was nowhere near black. I guess Im disappointed...but I wasnt expecting a miracle. Maybe I should have used two applications.

It really works!. I recently wanted to color my hair the color of my roots which was a light brown and the rest of my hair was lighter brown/blondish. I bought the same all over color from Loreal that I always get but this time my hair turned out really dark ash brown. I hated it! I tried washing it with dawn dish washing liquid, then I tried powdered tide and clarifying shampoo, nothing worked. A coworker suggested color oops and I read up on it, bought 2 boxes cause my hair is a few inches past my shoulders and then I waited a few more days because I was scared to use the color oops. I thought it might make my hair orange and that I would have to recolor it immediately. Well i finally used it last night and while it STINKS pretty bad, overall it wasn't such a big deal. I put it in my hair (its kinda watery), waited 20 minutes with a plastic bag on my hair, then rinsed it in the shower, washed my hair with shampoo, rinsed again, re-washed with shampoo and then rinsed my hair for 20 minutes. I just sat down in the tub and kept the water as hot as I could stand it until I no longer had any hot water ha ha. Then I got out, put some serious conditioner in my hair and put a towel on my head and went to bed. I woke up and go it in the shower and rinsed the conditioner out and surprise! All the color is gone! AND my hair is the color I was shooting for in the first place! I am amazed. Seriously, if you mess up your Hair Color, this is the way to go! If you do recolor it after you use color oops make sure to get a few shades lighter than normal because color oops makes your hair porous so the color will really grab and it will be too dark all over again. Also the 20 minutes of rinsing with warm/hot water is a must.Just follow the directions!

Color Oops regular strength Hair Color remover, #RS100 - 1 EaFeatures :
  • Color Oops regular Hair Color remover gently removes permanent and semi permanent Hair Color.
  • Gently removes permanent & semi-permanent Hair Color.
  • Color Oops is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted Hair Color in just 20 minutes.
Detailed Product Description

INDICATIONS: Color Oops Regular Strength Hair Color Remover Gently removes permanent & semi-permanent Hair Color. Takes you back to your original color. Color Oops is a safe and effective way.

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